• Karen Smith


I have been wanting to honor the life of Jackpot in some way that meant something since he passed away. An instagram post or something on Facebook just didn't seem to be enough in comparison to the impact this little dog, that I knew very briefly, had on me.

Sometimes. I bond with animals very quickly and they leave a lasting impression on me. That was the case with Jackpot.  He was diagnosed with lymphoma 2 years prior (doctors gave him only 6 months to live) and I only cared for him once.  In our week together though, I was so moved by his warmth and capacity for love, even though he obviously wasn't feeling well.  I'm very sensitive to the energy of animals and keen to when something isn't right.  Jackpot never gave me the vibe that anything was 'wrong' per se, he just wanted to be close and feel love.  I think all living beings lead with either fear or LOVE. Understanding the behavior of a dog comes when you can tell where they're coming from.  Jackpot was leading with love 100%, and I was lucky to have that brief time of being his caretaker.  I'm grateful to his owners who trusted him in my care.  Rest in peace little boy and run free.  Thank you for the brief yet superiorly impactful experience.

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