Yogi & Bear

"Karen is an exceptional human and animals love her! When we got our beautiful golden boys, Yogi and Bear, Karen was there to puppy sit and house sit. I've actually known Karen since grade school and I can vouch for her being trustworthy, responsible and reliable. As a bonus, she is an amazing photographer and will get some great shots of your four legged loves! She is our go to for pet sitting!"

-Eva H.

VP, BBC Worldwide

"Fellow pet lovers, it doesn't get any better!!! Karen has been pet/house sitting for 5+ years for us. We love and trust her implicitly. She is the cool πŸ˜Ž aunt to the pups. Her love of all animals is evident in the photos she takes on occasion for us and others. πŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸ½"

-Anton. M., Studio City, CA

Emmy Award Winning Producer


Mr. Peanut & Mr. Noodle

"Outstanding care from outstanding people. We could not be happier with Minding The Roost for the excellent care and attention they gave to our pets. We will use them from now on. Thank you Karen, Liz and Dickie!!"

-Jon L., Silver Lake, CA

Actor / Director

"Karen is the VERY BEST pet companion!! I have a senior dog named Tuesday. I was constantly traveling for work and Karen literally became Tuesday's 2nd mom. They have an incredible bond, Tuesday was always super excited when she'd see Karen and Tuesday would even be sad for a couple days after she'd leave. 

Karen would stay at my home while I was traveling so Tuesday could adhere to her normal routine. I never worried about Tuesday while I was gone because I knew she was cared for and very much loved! In addition, Karen would send cute pictures and videos of their time together. I have no idea what I would have done without her!"

- Racquel L., Marina del Rey. CA

Beauty and Wellness Executive



Boo Boo & Riley

"Karen is the best pet sitter of all time. My boys ADORE HER. I have neurotic little Dachshunds (pictured on this page-another perk- she is an amazing photographer and sends pics of your babies). Despite their quirks, Karen's patience and love for my little lunatics is palpable. Unlike a lot of petsitters, Karen actually spends time with your dogs. She gives them love and snuggles and attention and when I come home they are happy and not traumatized by my absence at all! I feel 100% completely relaxed when I know Karen is caring for my fur babies- and coming from someone who has no human children, whose dogs are everything, this is a huge compliment. Karen thank you for being the most loving amazing pet sitter ever!!!"

-Robin H., Santa Monica, CA

Private Chef

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